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Smart IOT devices for Kiranas


Integrated hardware for Indian Kirana stores which combines POS machine, Weighing scale with camera and barcode scanner. This machine automatically sync the inventory into eComm platforms which allows these Kirana stores to sell online effortlessly. We have found some interesting revenue sources in this business model which helps us to give away the hardware for free. 



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 This smart machine was built by connecting a camera and tablet to the weighing machine. The idea was to create a simple machine that would detect fruits and vegetables when placed on it. 

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Scaile V2 is an improved version of Scaile V1 in terms of ergonomics and efficiency. This device solves the problem of placing wet fruits and vegetables on the machine, as we moved the tablet to the top part of the machine so as to secure it. We have also made the weighing machine more compact and durable, by building it using stainless steel. This is been used extensively by a leading Grocery company in India.

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Scaile V3 is the device we are proposing for Kirana AI. The underlying technology remains the same, however this machine is an improved version in terms of specifications, design, ease of use and user experience. Scaile V3 will have two big screens of 10 inch size on either side, for both the vendor and customers. This will allow them to use the machine with ease. This machine is powered by Android, and can work on Edge or Network. Kirana AI will work almost like an OS for Kirana Stores, as this can be connected to several attributes, including but not limited to Surveillance, B2B ordering, logging and payment services. Also since Scaile V3 is powered by Android, all existing Apps would also work on Scaile V3.


Powered by India's leading retail computer vision platform Psyight

The Psyight Platform removes the complexity and time it takes for developers to build product recognition features by combining the power of machine learning and computer vision with a pre-trained food image database and a robust set of common business systems plugins.

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